Here’s 12 minutes of Destiny – grab some coffee!


Yay, it’s Thursday morning! We all know you’d far rather be at home playing games, but it’s more likely you’re sitting at work or at school or varsity. Unless you’re on holiday; in which case you’re probably not even out of bed yet.

To make this Thursday morning more bearable, I recommend you scuttle off to grab some coffee, tea or distilled alcohol, and then settle down to watch 12 minutes of gorgeous gameplay from Bungie’s new darling Destiny.

This footage was originally shown off during Sony’s pre-show press event for E3 a few weeks back, so if you didn’t stay up really late to watch that event live over the Internet last month, you’re in luck. What’s odd is that they’ve redubbed the footage to include different voice-chat between the people playing through the demo. Not sure why, but whatever the reason it still gets the job done of showing you just how great this game is looking. It’ll be landing on both current and next gen consoles next year. Hit the jump.