Disney’s first new Star Wars… thing revealed


We all knew this was going to happen eventually, right? Seeing as how Disney now owns LucasEverything, they’re going to use their newly acquired cash cow in every way possible. When they first acquired said cash cow they announced that their focus would be on social, mobile and casual gaming. Everyone who had ever dreamt about owning a lightsaber when they were seven years old died a little inside when Disney announced that.

Fast forward a few months and we get the first glimpse of what to expect. This is a trailer for the “Star Wars Takeover” of Disney’s Club Penguin. I’ll put money on the fact that a lot of you have absolutely no idea what Club Penguin is. That’s alright; you’re not exactly its target market.

Club Penguin is Disney’s online children’s game. It’s a pretty simple social game designed for kids to get to grips with online interaction. It includes all sorts of learning odds and ends cunningly hidden within gameplay that kids probably go nuts for. After learning a little more about it and seeing the massive amounts of potential good Club Penguin could do in a kid’s life, I felt a little bad about acting so horrified by the trailer you’ll find after the jump. That means either I’ve become soft in my old age, or becoming a parent has given me new perspective on things. Either way, it’s not good for my rampant Star Wars fanaticism and coupled indignation at what Disney has done. Damn it, we shall double our efforts.

Is this cute? That’s not cute, right? We should still be horrified, right? RIGHT? Oh man, I don’t even know myself anymore.