Fez is getting a patch for the XBLA version


Mere days after Microsoft’s not-very-public reveal that they’ve changed their policy regarding fees for follow-up patches on Xbox LIVE Arcade games, developer Polytron has announced that Fez will be getting the long awaited patch for the Xbox 360 version.

If you recall, shortly after the game released on XBLA last year, Polytron released a patch to fix a couple of game-breaking bugs. That patch ended up corrupting saved game files for around 1% of the people playing the game. Still, having your save corrupted in a game as lengthy and tricky as Fez was enough to cause a bit of a scene. Polytron, however, made an even bigger scene by saying that they couldn’t afford to patch their patch thanks to Microsoft’s exorbitant patching fees for any follow-up game fixes.

The game’s main designer, Phil Fish, said that Microsoft was going to charge them “tens of thousands of dollars” to fix the first patch, and that was out of their reach. Now that Microsoft has withdrawn patching fees, Polytron will be releasing an XBLA patch sometime in the coming months. If you can’t wait that long and you’re still too scared to pick up the game on Xbox 360, then head on over to GOG.com, which has the game on special for $4.99. Bargain!

Source: Polygon

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