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It’s Ready, FIIIIIGHT! Friday and today we’re taking out our lists and showing them to everybody else. What lists? You know what lists – the lists of games we haven’t finished even though we keep promising ourselves we’re going to play them this weekend, last weekend already. Or last year or even the year before that, as the case might be. Like Skyrim, because I haven’t finished Skyrim. There, fine, I said it, and hopefully it makes up for not having finished BioShock Infinite yet either.

Before you start chucking big rocks at me, Miklós hasn’t finished Borderlands 2, probably because he can’t stop playing Candy Crush Saga. Oh, I bet he’ll deny it but I hacked his webcam weeks ago, and the guy is addicted.

So come on, what’s on your list? Also, anybody posting spoilers will be smacked and sent to bed without pudding.