Battling to buy Cube World? Blame the DoS attacks


Last week Wednesday saw the very quiet release of Cube World in its alpha form. The husband and wife development team have opted to release the game in a similar manner to how Minecraft was released; earlier, less complete versions of the game will cost less than the final version. Because the game has had a lengthy gesitation period, it’s managed to build up a sizable amount of hype. This resulted in their website experiencing overwhelming traffic, which meant that a lot of people weren’t able to buy the game.

Shortly after Cube World became available, developer Wolfram and his wife Sarah were forced to take their shop offline. Since Wednesday it’s been down to blind luck and obsessively following Cube World social media that’s allowed people to buy the game when the store is available.

Nearly a week later and Wolfram has confirmed that the reason their servers have battled so much isn’t because of a high demand. Instead it’s because of a Denial of Service attack from somewhere.

“Initially we assumed the fault was on our side, like our download/updating system could be broken, so we closed the sale and improved our system. But it turned out that all these problems were the result of DoS attacks. It seems that someone is trying to systematically damage us and our business. The attacks usually occur during evening/night as soon as we open our store or user registrations. The attackers obviously want to prevent us from selling our game.

Being just a small team (my wife and me), we didn’t expect such things. We just tried to make our game available in its early state in the best possible way, which is on our homepage, where we can directly communicate with the community and provide patches and updates easily.

Fortunately, we can sell the game outside of the attacks without problems, and, we’re now extending our servers and team to handle the remaining issues. We don’t have an ETA for this yet.”

It seems that some people out there just can’t handle all that cuteness in a video game. These DoS attacks are a really crappy thing for the Cube World team to have to put up with this early on. Have you managed to get hold of the game? If you have, how are you finding it so far?

Source: Kotaku