Star Citizen’s economy model is ambitious


Cloud Imperium Games is the current record holder for the most successful crowd-funded project ever. Last time we checked in on that, they had hit over $10 million, which gave them the previously mentioned record. Now, however, they’re sitting on over $14 million dollars thanks to the last few days of pushing Veteran Backer order packages in which players get lifetime insurance on ship hulls – that’ll probably be super useful because your ship will likely explode a lot.

So it seems that when it comes to money, Cloud Imperium knows how to generate it, but do they know how to simulate it? It turns out that their planned economy model for upcoming online space simulator Star Citizen is as ambitious as it is complex.

It’ll also be player run as much as possible and a source of a lot of jobs and missions while you zip around this online universe. After the jump there’s a video with Chris Roberts explaining the basics of how the whole thing works. The example he provides is of a weapons factory requiring parts to make missiles. The factory will broadcast a job requesting those parts and a player might decide to deliver them. If the player doesn’t make it (thanks to pirates or something equally deadly) then the price of missiles in that system will go up, because materials will be scarce. Of course, if no player takes the job then an AI will do it, but that AI will be open to the same threats including pirate attacks by human players.

Source: Roberts Space Industries