Guild Wars 2: Bazaar of the Four Winds


Today is the launch Bazaar of the Four Winds, the next installment in the bi-weekly content updates for Guild Wars 2. The festive Dragon Bash and exciting Sky Pirates of Tyria have wrapped up, so we hope you managed to enjoy what those had to offer. I was particularly fond of the Dragon Ball multiplayer game in Dragon Bash, it felt like a quasi-Quake.


Belcher’s Bluff: A new permanent mini-game you can play against other players, and special NPCs who will teach you signature moves if you defeat them. As always, has a full write-up on it.

Sanctum Sprint: A Mario Kart (or Rollerbeatle Race if you played Guild Wars 1) inspired race with special movement skills. Here’s the guide.

Lessons from the Sky: The main bulk of the content – a scavenger hunt through the massive verticality of the new Labyrinthine Cliffs zone as you master three elemental aspects to try and reach all the hidden Crystals. Dulfy Guide.

Personal Quartz Node: Once you finish the meta achivement for doing a certain amount of events, you’ll get a Quartz node added to your home instance which you can mine once a day, for use in the new craft recipes.

New PvP Map: Skyhammer: Shattering floor panels are just one of the many dangers in this high-tech Asura lab map for structured Player-vs-Player.

Account Achievement Reward System: The big one. The Achievement UI is getting a complete overhaul, and now all your cheevos are worth tangible rewards like armour skins, permanent XP and Magic Find boosts for your entire account, gold and Laurels. You can read more about it here.

Full July 9 Patch Notes ]