Take a look at the first GTA V gameplay trailer


Here it is, the first official gameplay video for upcoming Grand Theft Auto V. It’s not really a trailer, it’s actually a complete overview of the game, detailing the locations, the terrain, the characters and more. You’ll get to see the HUD, proper gameplay footage, car customisation, clothing stores and scripted scenes from missions. There’s golf, tennis, bike races, base jumping, hunting and more to take up your time when you’re not on the job.

If you’ve been wondering how switching between the three main characters will work, wonder no more. Judging by the gameplay footage you’ll have access to a radial menu of sorts that will instantly swap between the characters whenever you want to. When you’re not in a mission, swapping between the characters pulls the camera back into a Google Earth type view, before zooming in to focus on whichever character you’ve selected.

The vast majority of lingering questions you might have had are pretty much answered in this, so enough reading! The whole thing comes in at just under five minutes in length. Hit the jump.