ZombiU was a financial failure; no sequel coming


Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has expressed concern over the Wii U’s lack of success since the 2012 holiday season. Since Christmas last year, Nintendo’s latest console has been selling fewer and fewer units – something that has been attributed to its lack of new games. As E3 showed us, Nintendo has a ton of new games in the pipeline, but that pipeline needs an exit point sooner rather than later.

Obviously a lot of big names in the industry have begun voicing their concern and disappointment. Guillemot is one of them, and he has revealed that the relatively poor performance of ZombiU can be attributed to the slow market penetration of Wii U consoles. Despite the fact that the game received positive reviews and gamer reception, it was a financial failure. Guillemot has confirmed that there is no sequel in the works. If you recall in May earlier this year, Ubisoft claimed they were working on a prototype for the sequel. Interestingly ZombiU’s poor performance was directly responsible for Ubisoft switching Rayman Legends from Wii U exclusive to multiplatform release.

This is quite a big change of heart for Ubisoft; when the Wii U launched last year, the French publisher was a hundred percent behind Nintendo’s new platform. Now, however, they’re second guessing their enthusiasm: “We must find a way to ensure the creativity of those games could have a big enough audience,” Guillemot said. “We hope it will take off. At the moment, we’ve said ‘let’s do through Christmas and see where we are from there.’”

Source: GamesIndustry.biz