Australians are playing Plants vs. Zombies 2 right now


Shame, they have to have at least something going for them, right? PopCap’s highly anticipated sequel to the most successful tower defence game on the planet recently suffered a delay. There’s no update on when the new release date is, but it’s supposedly before the end of August.

While the rest of the world waits patiently, humming “There’s a Zombie on your Lawn”, the Australians are already playing the game as of yesterday. Plants vs. Zombies 2 has had a soft launch in Australia so that it can be tested in a region that’s similar to North America, but much smaller in scale. What exactly is PopCap testing? They’re testing the online functionality of the free-to-play game, including things like cloud saves, server stability and the monetisation structure.

As such, the game that the Australians are playing is a little incomplete, and it’s likely that they’ll experience some shifting price structures in the game’s shop. Things like more powerful plants will be available to purchase in a way to monetise the free-to-play title.

Don’t panic though because PopCap senior producer Allen Murray insists that it is company policy for the game to be entirely playable from start to finish for free – it might take longer and be more difficulty, but it’s an option.

Their reason for offering in-game purchases (like more powerful plants) is due to their need to satisfy a massive audience. Plants vs. Zombies is a popular game across all demographics, and as such they need to make sure that young kids and elderly people (their examples, not ours!) are able to advance in the game when things get too tough, even if that means dropping money.

Source: Shacknews