In January this year, Sega bought Relic and its Company of Heroes IP from the rotting corpse of THQ. By that stage, THQ the publisher had been dead for quite a while, and the choice morsels of valuable developers and franchises were being picked off through assets auctions. Sega went on to publish Company of Heroes 2 a few weeks ago.

The day after THQ filed for bankruptcy (which was on 19 December 2012), Valve paid them $941,710.93 for the pre-orders of Company of Heroes 2 that were made through Steam. That amount is from 20, 755 Steam pre-orders (which mean, if you were wondering, that Valve pockets just less than $15 per pre-order; but that’s just really an aside for interest’s sake). Sega is claiming that that amount of $941,710.93 is actually owed to them, and THQ needs to pay up.

Sega filed the claim on 2 July 2013, so this is still in the early stages. It’ll be interesting to see what happens considering that payment from Valve came after bankruptcy filing. It’ll also be interesting to see whether THQ coughs up considering, you know, they’re bankrupt and Sega is one company in a long line of creditors all clamouring for money from THQ.

Source: Kurtzman Carson Consultants
Via: Polygon

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