Ubisoft has released a seven minute long Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag gameplay video. The gameplay presentation is narrated by the Ashraf Ismail, who is the game director for Black Flag.

In the video you’ll get to see a number of gameplay mechanics that have been discussed during previews over the last few months. Ubisoft has made a big deal about how open the world is and how lead character Edward Kenway can transition seamlessly from ship deck to ocean to island and back again without a loading screen in sight.

There’s also a ton of naval combat on show that includes a raid on a fort, which is then taken over by Edward’s crew and used as a makeshift outpost for pirates. By far the most impressive piece of programing is the free-form ship boarding: you’ll get to see Edward sail his ship alongside a damaged enemy and then transition into a boarding manoeuvre. The clever bit, however, is that the two ships form an ad-hoc set of platforms on which Edward can execute those trademark Assassin’s Creed free-running moves. This must be quite a big deal for Ubisoft’s development team considering all previous Assassin’s Creed games had very fixed free-running structures to traverse. Here, the game is making them up as gameplay continues.

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