Putt-Putt threatens Mojang with legal action


Today I learnt a thing and was reminded of another thing. The thing I learnt: Putt-Putt is actually a brand. I know, it’s incredible and slightly unbelievable, but Putt-Putt is an actual company and not a generic term for mini-golf – which also kind of explains the need for the generic term “mini-golf” in the first place.

So anyway, the people who own the trademark Putt-Putt have decided that they’re suing Minecraft creator Mojang because unscrupulous gamers have dared to make Putt-Putt levels in the blocky world builder that’s sold 75 trillion copies during its lifetime. And this leads me to the aforementioned other thing that I was reminded of: people are stupid.

News of this latest legal action against Mojang was brought to light when Notch tweeted the cease and desist letter issued by Putt-Putt’s lawyers. You can find that letter, along with the screenshot that Putt-Putt is using as proof of copyright infringement (spoiler: it’s a YouTube video list of user-generated Putt-Putt videos in Minecraft) here for instant LOLs. Mojang’s lawyer probably summarises the absurdity of this legal action the best: “Suing Mojang for what people do using Minecraft is like suing Microsoft for what people do using Word.”

Source: Twitter and Eurogamer