Sony extrapolates on PS4 indie self-publishing


During this week’s London based Develop Conference, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Agostino Simonetta hopped up on stage to talk about Sony’s stance when it comes to allowing PS4 indie developers to self-publish. Sony has developed an outlook they’re calling the “four pillars of self-publishing”, and those sturdy pillars have been designed to hold up a roof big enough to keep indie developers safe and warm.

The four pillars include: treating all indie developers like publishers, keeping positive relationships with these developers, providing them with a level playing field in terms of publishing and marketing their games, and removing obstacles traditionally associated with publishing indie titles on walled-off consoles.

From the sounds of things, treating indie developers as publishers is the key to this self-publishing approach: “Every single individual developer is a publisher as far as we’re concerned. We don’t separate, we don’t segregate indies from traditional publishers,” Simonetta told attendees.

Indie devs will be given the opportunity to set their own release dates and utilise advertising channels like the PlayStation Blog, Sony Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. While it all sounds extremely positive for indie developers, there is a quality condition that the indie titles need to meet before the developers can utilise Sony’s online presence for advertising.

Note that self-publishing on the PSN isn’t exactly new, but Sony is making extra sure that customers know that it’s still a big part of the company’s ethos as they move into the PlayStation 4 era.

Source: Joystiq