New Pikmin 3 trailer shows off protagonists


Good news all you Wii U faithfuls: Nintendo has released a new trailer for Pikmin 3. That on its own wouldn’t be remarkable, but couple in the fact that we’ve been starved for Wii U games over the last few months, this is reason to get excited.

This latest Pikmin 3 trailer introduces the three playable travellers from outer space: Captain Charlie (who looks like a big old meanie), Alph (who for some reason screams “unnamed Star Trek extra who will inevitably die the moment they land on whatever planet it is that’s involved in this week’s episode”) and Brittany (I have nothing dumb to add about her – sorry.)

The game is out in less than two weeks. Incredible; it’s an actual “launch window” title that’s arriving on the Wii U a mere three months late. Hit the jump to watch little space people fling innocent alien fauna at other innocent alien fauna in an attempt to round up as much grub for their own planet. If you think about it, it’s practically an allegory for colonialism. Bet this game would go down a treat in Julius Malema’s new political movement.

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