Ultra Street Fighter IV coming early 2014


The Evolution Championship Series (otherwise known as Evo) not only played host to a ton of fighting game players all vying for top honours in various series, but it also allowed for Capcom to unveil Ultra Street Fighter IV – a DLC expansion pack of sorts for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.

The DLC, which will be made available as a standalone option from retail as well, adds new fighting arenas and five additional characters to the game’s roster. So far, only four characters have been revealed: Poison, Rolento, Elena and Hugo. The fifth character is an all-new fighter for the series and will be unveiled in due course. Further gameplay balances will be added as well.

The DLC will be made available to anyone who owns Super Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition for $14.99. Alternatively, the standalone retail version will sell for $39.99 and will include all previously released Street Fighter IV DLC including character costumes. You can expect this sometime early next year; reveal trailer after the jump.

Via: Polygon