Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Avalanche Studios (the guys behind stunterrific open-world series Just Cause) are bringing us a Mad Max game. Not much is known about the game as yet, which explains why the fact that Max getting an Australian accented voice actor made the news a few weeks back.

We got to sit in on some behind closed doors sessions for Mad Max while at E3 and both RedTide and I walked away feeling pretty upbeat about what Avalanche is doing. Fans of the films will be well catered for, but fans of dusty post apocalypse settings where lawless wastelands are the norm should be equally excited.

After the jump you’ll find the first gameplay trailer for the game. It has a catchy song with it as well that lends all sorts of gravitas to the gritty visuals. Keep an eye on this one; there’s heaps of potential here.

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