NAG is making a game! Well technically I’m making a game for NAG, but since I’m part of the furniture here it’s all much of the same thing.

So, what’s this in aid of, and what is this game about? I’ll start by telling you its name (which you might’ve guessed from the heading of this post): Roxy’s Quest. In this game, players take on the role of our mascot Roxy at the beginning of rAge weekend. Roxy wants to get to the Dome, but there’s a small matter of an alien invasion to deal with. The story is 100% silly, but that’s all part of the fun.


Roxy’s Quest is only due for release in September (it’ll be entirely free, and playable in your browser or as a standalone download initially (there miiiight be a mobile build later down the line)), and leading up to that release I’m going to share with you my experiences of developing the game. Now, I’m not a game developer – at least, not a professional one. I’ve dabbled in game development for years but never really got too far into it, until around December last year when I started learning the awesome HTML5-based game development software Construct 2. I spent some months working on various games and an app, with varying degrees of success, and now I’m ready to take this a little more seriously. For this game, we’ve teamed up with the ridiculously talented bunch at Toon53 Productions, who are providing all of the artwork for the game.

At present, we’ve been working on Roxy’s Quest for a little over a month. There’s been a hell of a lot of back-and-forth – entirely owing to my own inexperience – in terms of design, scope, presentation, and just about everything you could imagine. I went in a little too quick, didn’t think things through well enough and have ended up changing a lot in the last month, but progress has still been pretty good.

rAgeQuestConstructAs you can tell from the screenshot, Roxy’s Quest is a 2D side-scrolling platformer (don’t let the title fool you – it’s only named as such because I like games called Something Quest). It has a lot of influence from Metal Slug and Contra, and will be an action-heavy game as opposed to the precision platforming Megaman approach. This is where things started, and I spent a lot of time designing mechanisms for the player to climb walls and slide under things, but when we decided to go with an isometric approach instead of a side-on view, the idea of building an engine capable of dealing with all these things became a little daunting, especially given the time constraints.

That leads us to our current standing, which is about 60% complete in terms of engine work, effectively 0% in terms of level design, and about 20% in terms of artwork. Roxy herself is almost entirely complete, with all her animations for attacking and moving done, if a little buggy. The enemies are still deep in the design process but we’ve had seen some awesome art from Toon53 for both regular enemies and bosses. I’m sure you’ll be very happy with the look of these guys.

That’s it for now! In the coming weeks, I’ll share with you some of our development experiences, tell you a little more about the story and setting (without spoiling too much!), reveal a few of Roxy’s awesome abilities, and of course show off the awesome artwork from Toon53. I’ll also tell you why we’re making Roxy’s Quest 😉

And if you just can’t wait, here’s a little sneak peek of some neat concept art:



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