Three top SimCity developers leave Maxis and EA


Ocean Quigley not only has one of the greatest names on the planet, but he also has a new indie development studio called Jellygrade. Quigley was the creative director on SimCity – a game that has had its fair share of controversy thanks to persistent server issues and a resounding silence from EA and Maxis regarding the fact that they essentially lied their asses off to customers. And yes, I will take this moment to once again link to this essential RockPaperShotgun article.

Digression aside, Quigley has left Maxis and EA to form this new studio. He’s not alone in this departure and subsequent new venture; he’s joined by SimCity lead architect Andrew Willmott and lead gameplay engineer Dan Moskowitz. The three of them are gearing up to produce a new simulation game based on “the dawn of life on earth; about lava, water, rock and the emergence of the first primordial creatures.”

The game will be built on a brand new simulation engine, but aside from that details are scarce. You can follow the brand new Jellygrade Twitter account to keep up to date, or keep an eye on their Tumblr account for new concept art (one piece of which is featured above). While this sounds like something to be excited about, the caveat is that they’re aiming for iPad as the platform.

Source: Twitter
Via: Shacknews