Alright Trophy whores, you know who you are. You’re the people who relentlessly chase that little “PLING!” sound while playing games on your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita. You love that noise and the subsequent pop-up notification indicating that you’ve added another fake trophy to your fake trophy cabinet. Heck, on numerous occasions you’ve even wondered whether it’s the sole reason you play games these days anyway. You should feel bad about that.

Here’s some good news though: those Trophies are now actually worth something. Technically, it’s actually just the Gold Trophies that are worth something, but still… WORTH!

Remember that awesome “Greatness Awaits” trailer that Sony unleashed a few days before E3? You don’t remember it? Good thing we’ve embedded it after the jump. Anyway, that trailer is festooned with props and costumes from various games available on PlayStation consoles. Sony has put a ton (read: 15) of those complete costumes and props up for auction. The currency required to bid on the items? Yep, your Gold Trophies.

The promo has been dubbed Bid For Greatness, and Sony has set up a website that will handle the whole shebang. If you head on over to you can log in with your PlayStation ID and begin bidding on each item as the items come up for auction. In total there are 15 items up for grabs ranging from Skyrim weapons to Witchdoctor Cursed Skulls from Diablo III. The first item, a Black Hand costume from Killzone: Shadow Fall is already receiving bids; currently somebody has offered 975 Gold Trophies for the thing. That is a LOT of Gold Trophies for one person to have.

Honestly, this must be one of the coolest promos I’ve seen in a long time. High-fives to Sony’s marketing team for thinking outside the box.

Source: The PlayStation Blog

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