Looking Ahead: Guild Wars 2 in 2013


In a revealing blog post, game director Colin Johanson outlines some of what the company has planned for Guild Wars 2 moving forward. It’s pretty big news, with major sweeping changes to several key systems. There will be new skills and traits added, adjustments made to the loot Champions drop, crafting is being increased to 500, and most importantly, Magic Find is being removed from items.

The Magic Find change is big, as it stops people from having to choose between better stats or better loot. Legendary weapons are also being made customizable out of combat, letting you swap between stat sets, without having to transmute the look on to a different weapon.

You can read a brief summary of the post, after the break.

MMORPG.com sums up the article nicely:

  • Ever more Living World content, with much more permanent effects on the world.
  • Return of holiday events, but the focus will be on more permanent and impactful content.
  • New skills and traits for EVERY PROFESSION, as a form of endgame progress.
  • Retooled Champion Rewards Chest to make these bosses more exciting.
  • Dungeon Complete Bonus Rewards to encourage actually completing dungeons for gold.
  • New Crafting Material Rewards for WvW or PVE for all types of content in these areas.
  • Account Magic Find will replace current gear-based Magic Find via consumables and food.
  • Fine and Masterwork Salvages = chance to acquire magic find consumables to raise this.
  • Crafting Professions boosted to 500!
  • With crafting boost comes… Ascended Weapons and Armor to be crafted (or very rarely dropped).
  • Precursors and Legendary Gear Changes + New Weapons and even new legendary gear types.
  • Select the stat combo type you want on your legendary at will, no more transmutations!
  • The WvW Orb Mechanics is going to see its replacement, with more details to come.
  • More rewarding sPVP to line rewards up with PVE and WvW.
  • Queue and Leaderboards for Solo Play, separate from ranked team play.
  • New PVP map types.
  • PVP Legendary Weapon Skins
  • And of course the $10,000 ArenaNet PAX Tournament!
  • Eastern release will usher in new tutorials to explain the game’s functions better in all regions.
  • And last but definitely not least: the brand New LFG Tool is finally coming!