Why we can’t have nice things: cheaters in the PS auction


Yesterday we posted about Sony’s Bid For Greatness promotion, in which PlayStation users could use their Gold Trophies as a currency to bid on costumes and props from the pre-E3 “Greatness Awaits” trailer. It’s an awesome promo with fantastic items up for grabs. Unfortunately the whole thing has been marred by the unscrupulous types: the types of gamers who use cheats to boost their Trophy collections. Nothing says “I play games for entirely the wrong reasons” quite like somebody who uses hacks and cheats to boost a stupid number next to their gamer profile.

The first item that was put up for auction was that Black Hand costume from upcoming Killzone Shadow Fall. It was won by a person called RedSoxFan95 who bid a staggering 1,050 Gold Trophies to secure the item.

Shortly after the winner was announced, a website that tracks your PSN Trophy collection accused RedSoxFan95 over Twitter of having cheated. Pulling up the accused’s profile on any of the numerous websites that track Trophies and PSN user profiles reveals some suspicious activity.

As discovered by website PlayStationLifestyle.net, RedSoxFan95 went from having 6,500 Trophies to 14,000 Trophies in a single day. Looking at date stamps for the various Trophies reveals further discrepancies, such as one Trophy unlocking in 1995 – you know, back when the original PlayStation was not even a year old.

Sony is now apparently looking into the matter, but at time of writing the Bid For Greatness website still shows RedSoxFan95 as the winner of the Killzone Shadow Fall costume.

Way to ruin something really unique and interesting.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle and Game Trailers