The OUYA console is out in the wild. The Android based and hackable console made a splash when it hit Kickstarter, and now that the final product is in the hands of initial backers and people who impulse purchased the thing from their local shop, the team behind the console is gearing up to ensure that there are more OUYA exclusives in the future.

Free The Games Fund is a new initiative whereby OUYA will hand over buckets of cash monies to developers whose games are successfully funded through Kickstarter. The gist is this: a developer starts a Kickstarter campaign for their game; providing they’ve signed up to the Free The Games movement, and that they secure a minimum of $50,000.00 in a successful Kickstarter campaign, OUYA will double the total secured Kickstarter pledge. The maximum OUYA will pledge to a successful campaign is $250,000.00. This will continue until OUYA’s pot amount of $1 million is used up.

There is one condition: the game will have to be a timed OUYA exclusive for at least six months. After the six months is up, the developer is free to port the game to any other platforms. OUYA does make a point of stating that developers will retain all rights to their game because OUYA isn’t “a greedy BigCo game console”.

Source: OUYA.tv

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