World of Warcraft the children’s book! (The kids love this one)


Blizzard has announced that they’re launching a children’s book based on the lore behind one of the most popular gaming franchises on the planet: Warcraft. The story is being penned by Chris Metzen, the senior vice-president of story and franchise development. Artwork is being handled by Wei Wang, who has probably done about 90% of the Blizzard artwork that you adore.

The inspiration for the project came directly from Metzen, who says that his children have grown up while he’s been working on World of Warcraft. Those kids are starting to want to learn more about the game’s world, and so Metzen decided to create a kid-friendly introduction to the Warcraft lore. The book is called Snowfight and it’ll be making its first appearance at this year’s BlizzCon. “It’s so weird, but it’s one of those passion projects we wanted to chase,” Metzen said, “and I hope it just pops.”

Talk about an unexpected offshoot, right? It is kind of neat though, considering that many long-time World of Warcraft players are probably parents now. Oh, and, a box of fresh Internet Cookies for whoever calls out the movie reference in that headline. Hey! I can see you trying to Google that – no cheating!

Source: Polygon

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