Fresh Dragon Age: Inquisition details fly out of PAX


Yep, more news out of this last weekend’s Penny Arcade Expo in Melbourne. BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition has remained shrouded in mystery despite recent events like E3. In fact, the only appearance the game made was that short trailer Electronic Arts debuted during their pre-show press event – yes, the trailer that provided more questions than answers.

Fortunately the BioWare blokes conducted a Q&A panel at PAX Australia. Some juicy bits and pieces of information were dropped during that panel, but if you want a complete rundown then head over to this NeoGAF post.

Dialogue will be getting an overhaul in the game in an attempt to remedy the usual complaint that player dialogue options were very binary. That and you’d often select a dialogue option only to have your characters steer the conversation in another direction. BioWare has plans to make the whole dialogue system a little more organic. So far this includes things like your character’s stats affecting dialogue choices (which would fit in with the whole “you are an Inquisitor” thing) as well as who is in your party at the time of the conversation. Furthermore, any previous decisions you’ve made will affect future conversations.

New concept art for some new location types were also shown off. The game will feature desert regions, snowy lands, swamps, grasslands, mountains and ruins to explore. And speaking of exploration, BioWare said during the panel that they intend to get back to emphasising exploration in the game.

Finally, as you are an Inquisitor, your decisions will affect the world on a drastic scale. Website OXM points out that the scene in the E3 trailer that depicts Varric in a burning village is actually the result of a player choice.

Source: NeoGAF
Via: OXM

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