Gearbox announces remakes of Homeworld and Homeworld 2


This weekend saw Australians getting to revel in all things gaming as the Penny Arcade Expo invaded Melbourne. During PAX Australia, Gearbox revealed that they will be releasing high definition remakes of Homeworld and its sequel Homeworld 2. On top of the remakes, the original two space RTS games will be made available on digital distribution platforms.

After the THQ implosion, Gearbox picked up the rights to the Homeworld series on 15 April; the news was revealed to the world a week later. We already knew that Gearbox planned to release the original games onto digital distribution channels, but this is the first time the developer has mentioned two complete remakes of  both.

I said it in the original piece about Gearbox acquiring these rights: the team has some big shoes to fill. It’s perhaps telling that they’re choosing to release remakes of the first two games rather than dive headfirst into a sequel. It’s also probably a good thing in the long run for Homeworld fans.

Source: Polygon