Use Kinect to map your face into Xbox One games


If this catches on, then maybe you really will be shooting your friends in the face when playing future Call of Duty multiplayer games.

Microsoft has revealed that the new obligatory Kinect camera that comes bundled with every Xbox One console will be powerful enough to scan your face for use in games. In addition to being able to produce Kinect masks of your face, Kinect will be able to scan your BMI (Body Mass Index – in other words how fat or skinny you are) for in game characters. Basically, if the game supports it, you’ll be able to import your own face and body geometry into games.

Whether or not this becomes a thing will depend on developers. Microsoft has confirmed that the feature is a system-level one, which means that all developers will have access to the facilities to make use of this particular Kinect feature. It’s quite a neat proposition – hopefully devs run with it.

Source: IGN