NAG Magazine: August 2013 Issue

Sweet mother of football we’ve gone and done a FIFA cover. o_O

No matter how much we struggled and fought and waved our arms and shook our heads because we’re all giant nerds and know as much about football as we do about performing open heart surgery, we just couldn’t keep one of the biggest franchises in gaming clear of our cover.

We’ve considered doing it for years because, well, the annual FIFA bonanza is huge in South Africa, and the timing seemed right what with this fancy next-gen version powered by fancy next-gen tech set to be unleashed on FIFA fans later this year. And so we’ve dug deep into the features fans can look forward to, chatting to people in the know about all the stuff that’ll hopefully make this year’s outing the best yet.

FIFA cover. Who’d have thunk it? There’s more in there too, which you’ll discover after the jump.

August is a huge month for us, particularly because E3 has just happened and so we’ve compiled our annual E3 supplement, packed to proper bursting with info on all the best games you can expect to see on store shelves in the near future. It’s an especially exciting one thanks to all this next-gen console tech that’s imminently arriving on gaming’s doorstep. Be sure to check it out!

We’ve also got a massive feature on Computex 2013, detailing all the hardware goodness that the various vendors and manufacturers were so eagerly touting this year. If you’ve even the slightest interest in all things tech-related, this is something you won’t want to miss.

Also at E3, we stared bewildered at the esteemed Into the Pixel exhibit, which celebrates video game art in all its punchy, diverse beauty. We’ve collected those works of visual splendour within our pages for you to similarly stare at.

In our previews section we take in-depth looks at the new Mad Max, Ubisoft’s ever-impressive Watch_Dogs and Murdered: Soul Suspect‘s highly intriguing post-mortem puzzling. We also bring word of Shinji Mikami’s terror-inducing The Evil Within and Command & Conquer‘s free-to-play strategising. There’s more too, including Titanfall‘s impressive mech murdering.

Reviews range from Deadpool‘s video game lampooning, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and its new face in town, Tour de France 2013‘s furious pedalling and the portable role-playing of Soul Sacrifice. Importantly, we dissect The Last of Us, and its brilliantly designed innards amaze us to no end.

Hardware boasts a head-to-head between Razer’s Edge and NVIDIA’s SHIELD, and we benchmark our way through the capabilities of impressive GPUs and motherboards. Elsewhere headphones, keyboards, monitors and more are put through their paces.

There’s all this in our August issue and more. To peruse the exact contents, see below to download the contents page, along with a shot of that FIFA cover. It’ll be on store shelves this Thursday the 25th of July. Keep in mind that you can also grab a digital copy of the magazine via Zinio.

Click here for the contents PDF [403 KB]