It’s a good thing that we chat openly in the NAG office, because, while discussing rAge Quest this morning, a possibly big issue came up… we’re not allowed to call it rAge Quest.

First, some back-story, and a super interesting slice of information in general: when the id Software game RAGE launched in South Africa, we (Wild Blue Media – the owners of NAG magazine and rAge expo) and id took to the courtrooms to protect our trademark. It’s a long, fussy affair that’s still going on, but the basics are: id didn’t want us to use the name rAge, and we didn’t want them to use the name RAGE. In the end, we figured it all out and, as you might be able to deduce, both companies went about their business with effectively nothing changed, at least as far as the public could tell.


We chose this image and not the other one for legal reasons.

But there’s a lot under the hood of this agreement – mostly pertinently, there are restrictions about where and how each company is permitted to use their respective trademarks. For example, id is not allowed to start a RAGE expo, and we, on the other hand, are not allowed to create a rAge game, which means the title “rAge Quest” is absolutely out of the question.

Phew, with that out of the way, let’s get on with things before lawyers start banging down our doors. First, we need a new name, and that name shall from now until forever be Beyond the Dome: Roxy’s Quest (Part XIII): Ain’t Got Time for This Sh*t, or BTD: RQP13: AGTFTS, or simply Roxy’s Quest if you prefer titles that aren’t ridiculously long and formed by an insane mind (belonging to the one and only Michael James, in this case).

So there you have it: a top-secret behind the scenes at Castle NAG, and a title change this early in development. At least we curbed this before anything too drastic happened.

For those who don’t care and just want their damn game, here’s an early and unrefined but nonetheless ultra-sexy screenshot featuring mocked-up background art. Until next time!


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