Stardock is rebooting Star Control


Publisher Atari is dying (again). As a result they’re doing what THQ did and are auctioning off legacy IPs to anyone who throws enough money at them. Yesterday Nic squealed like a girl at the news that Total Annihilation  had been picked up by Today? Well, today I get to squeal like a girl at the news that Stardock (the blokes behind space strategy games like Sins of a Solar Empire) picked up the rights to Star Control.

If you’ve never heard of Star Control then you’re likely not as old and wrinkly as I am. Basically it was a space strategy adventure game… thing. It featured bizarre alien races and a sizable dollop of humour. Then there was the awesome Star Control “melee” feature which allowed two players to choose a selection of alien ships (each with their own special abilities) and then fight it out in a top-down view. It was glorious; I remember spending hours playing Star Control melee with my friends when we were younger. “LAUNCH FIGHTERS!” Ah, good times.

Now that Stardock owns the rights to the franchise they’re planning on revisiting the series. They’re not planning on creating HD remakes of Star Control 1 or Star Control 2 because Atari never owned the rights to those games anyway. What Stardock intends to do is to re-invigorate the series in much the same way that Firaxis just did with XCOM and the recent Enemy Unknown instalment. That is music to my age-addled, oversized ears.

Source: LittleTinyFrogs Forums
Via: Destructoid

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