Watch this: Tommy Tallarico’s TEDx talk


Tommy Tallarico is a video game industry veteran. He does video game music, in case you didn’t know. In fact, he holds the record for having composed music for more games than anyone else. He’s also the man who is largely responsible for getting full orchestral music into games instead of 8-bit beeps. Those Video Games Live albums that came out recently? Yes, the ones that use full orchestras to play a number of famous video game tracks; he’s responsible for those too.

It’s safe to say that Tallarico does music. He does video games. The guy has built his entire career around merging the two forms of art, and that is kind of the topic of his latest TEDx talk in Manchester Village. The talk was entitled “Video Games – Art in Disguise” and it’s recently been shared on YouTube by the TED organisation.

Tallarico’s TEDx talk is definitely worth a watch. It’s loaded with personal anecdotes and neat tidbits of information about how music has evolved gaming and how it has been used to influence player reactions, even on a subconscious, biological level. It’s a smorgasbord of fun facts and insightful counter arguments to many topics in the industry, such as violence and video games. Hit the jump for the video; just be aware that the sound isn’t all that great. You can still hear what he’s talking about, so don’t be put off by the disclaimer.