Today I learnt about a game called Snailboy


Snailboy – An Epic Adventure is a mobile game from a Cape Town based indie development team called Thoopid. You see, their name is like “stupid” only it sounds even more stupid when you say “thoopid” – it’s like the Hodor of studio names and we love it.

Anyway, the small team has been working on Snailboy for about seven months now. The game is a “physics based puzzle game” with some platforming elements thrown in because platforming games are awesome. Players help the titular Snailboy in his quest to find his missing shells. The shells were stolen by some garden dwelling miscreants called the Shadow Gang. Using Snailboy’s ability to jump, slide and slap his squishy way around the levels, you’ll solve the puzzles and find the shells.

The game is heading to iOS and Android very soon. The whole thing is looking incredibly polished, especially for a mobile game. Once it’s out on mobile, Thoopid is looking at the OUYA console as the next platform. Hit the jump for the reveal trailer and a brief chat with the team at Thoopid.

NAG: How many of you are there working on Snailboy? How long has the project been active?
Thoopid: Snailboy has been in development for the past seven months. We have a small team of people focussing on all different aspects of the game, ranging from 3D development, animation, modeling, pre and post production of game visuals, to the game mechanic, development and testing. We’re also quite active on the social media side of things and the marketing surrounding our game.

NAG: You’re a very new dev team; how’d things start?
Thoopid: Thoopid was founded by a group of avid gamers and developers in January of this year. We decided to start Thoopid because we wanted to share our immense love for gaming and give the mobile market games that are proudly South African, as well as games that focus not only on pretty graphics, but put emphasis on exciting, and unique gameplay as well.


NAG: It’s a really impressive reveal trailer you’ve made. Tell us a bit more about it… specifically who it was who did that awesomely LOL-worthy American accent.
Thoopid: Everything surrounding Snailboy and the company, Thoopid, is produced in house by our amazing team. The sound, however, was made by a fantastic sound Engineer, from Poland, named Jacob Thomas Czech.

NAG: You’re aiming for iOS and Android, but later OUYA. What are your thoughts on the OUYA console?
Thoopid: We are still very new to what the console can do. Although we will reserve judgment at this time, we feel it’s, most definitely, one of the most amazing platform ideas out there and wish them all the best in making their console a success.


NAG: Biggest challenges you’ve faced so far?
Thoopid: In our experience, the biggest challenges, with regards to mobile development, are optimizing the game for all the different mobile devices, as well as keeping memory footprints to a minimum, and ensuring that the user has an amazingly smooth experience. Another big challenge is keeping the coffee intake to under four a day! 🙂

NAG:  Advice for SA gamers wanting to get into the development scene?
Thoopid: PLAN PLAN and PLAN some more! If you find yourself with any free time… Sleep! The opportunity might not come around again any time soon. 🙂

Be sure to check out Thoopid’s website over here. To keep up to date with the latest news on the development of Snailboy, you can follow the team on Twitter.