While we were all sleeping here in South Africa, Ubisoft released a new trailer for Watch_Dogs. The trailer shows off Aisha Tyler’s in-game character. In case you didn’t know, Tyler is an actress and comedian that has become a public figure for Ubisoft during TV segments and press events; she’s been the host for Ubisoft’s E3 press events for the last couple of years. Anyway, she’s making a cameo in Watch_Dogs, as this new trailer for the game reveals.

Tyler’s cameo aside, the trailer also reveals something else: Watch_Dogs looking a little less impressive that it has in the past. That’s because this trailer was likely captured on current gen consoles. Granted it’s only a couple of moments where it looks a little off, and it’s definitely not ugly enough to make you want to jam shards of glass into your retinas, but it’s certainly less sparkly than the next-gen and PC footage we’ve been shown so far.

After the jump you’ll find the new trailer as well as some footage of the game being played on a PlayStation 4 for comparison. The PlayStation 4 footage is the same footage I saw being played live during a one-on-one gameplay session at E3 this year. On the plus side, at least this highlights the hardware jump between current and next gen.

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