The most overproduced mouse trailer in the world


The Razer Naga, “the world’s best MMO gaming mouse” just got a new revision. Above, is the most ludicrously overproduced trailer in the history of anything ever advertising a mouse. It’s jaw-droppingly cheesy.

As for the product:

“Sling spells faster than before with Razer Naga’s iconic 12-button thumb grid, now outfitted with mechanical switches for increased tactility and responsiveness. With more pronounced buttons on the thumb grid for quick and accurate blind-finding, never drop your chain of attacks again.

The new Razer Naga also features an improved ergonomic form factor — with a broader shape for better comfort and fit to a wider range of hand profiles. Southpaw gamers will not need to wait any longer as the much-anticipated Left-handed Razer Naga will also be available on launch.”