And now for something completely different


I was going to simply post this video and say something along the lines of “Shared without comment”, but this stupid, stupid, stupid YouTube video filled my heart with enough joy to power the LHC. It’s “Wolverine – The Musical”. It’s a five minute musical masterpiece made with some surprisingly great puppets and a catchy mash-up of corny music from Les Misérables and other musicals like Phantom of the Opera.

Why Les Misérables? Because Hugh Jackman was in that film and he plays Wolverine in X-Men, so really, this “Wolverine – The Musical” was practically preordained.

Yes, we realise that this has very little to do with gaming, but the decision at NAG HQ was unanimous: this is something that needs to be shared with like-minded nerds who get a kick out stupid, dorky YouTube videos. Hit the jump; you can thank us later.

Thanks to @bathoz for the share!

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