Fancy wasting a couple of minutes playing a game with a mate or three? Uberleben might just be the best quick-fix for players on a single PC.

The game features up to seven players who take on the role of skydiving figures. The premise is simplicity itself: plummet down a chasm whilst avoiding obstacles and nasty ledges that will turn your pixelated parachutist into a small red stain. If you’re gonna get another player in on the action – and really, that’s the whole point of Uberleben – you may choose to go at it as a team in the spirit of camaraderie or be dicks and attempt to punch each other into their respective dooms. Either way, making it down to the bottom landing zone will earn you bragging rights, or, at the very least, invoke a response something along the lines of “best two out of three!”.

While the idea is admittedly limited, lots of options allow for tinkering that add more playtime. There are several level themes, such as an icy hole, the interior of an impossibly-high tree or even a gray mechanical construct reminiscent of the Death Star. My personal favorite is a hellish fire cave complete with demonic snake-like creatures that move around and prove to be every bit as deadly as any stalactites or stalagmites.

Players may also determine how long each level is, if indeed it should have an end at all. There’s also an option to have the whole level spin endlessly as a means for an extra challenge, but honestly, after playing it for a couple of minutes, I felt more than just a little nauseous.

Graphics are simple but functional, but nothing too fancy considering it’s for a game that’s under four MBs. There isn’t any music to speak of, which oddly enhances the mood. Sound effects are pretty cool, especially the wind effect and little extras such as falling rain. The bubbling lava in the magma level is a pretty sweet touch.

Uberleben is the perfect little game to settle quick bets and have a laugh or two, provided you don’t go at it alone. Drop down here to procure your very own copy. Sorry Mac and Linux users, but you’ve been dropped in the deep end for this one.

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