UPDATE: Tour group at Valve HQ inadvertently leaks Left 4 Dead 3… maybe


UPDATE: the plot thickens. Hardware writer Wesley Fick just alerted me to this surely very fake and totally unofficial countdown timer. The timer ends at Gamescom, where Valve will be making an appearance. Read into it what you will.

ORIGINAL STORY: A group of people from the Dota 2 Reddit community recently got to wonder around Valve HQ. They were in Bellevue for the Dota 2 International competition so a visit to Valve’s offices seemed like an obvious inclusion. Needless to say, many photographs were taken by those eager Reddit folk; those photos were then uploaded and dumped into an imgur folder.

There are quite a few really interesting pictures in there, especially if you’re a Dota 2 zealot extremist fan. One such picture, with the curious caption of “Valve changelog history?” captured a little more than an apparent changelog.

If you zoom the pic in a little bit (you’ll find one after the jump) you’ll see mention of Left 4 Dead 3. The entry also mentions Source 2, which isn’t the first time Valve has internally referenced an update to the now aged (but still pretty damn impressive) Source engine.


Obviously, this single, minute line of information was deliberately placed there by Valve on the off-chance that the visiting Reddit group snapped a picture. Everything Valve does is calculated and with reason. Everything. Also, we’re pretty sure you could work some angle to make this mention of Left 4 Dead 3 actually mean that Half-Life 3 has been confirmed.

Source: Reddit imgur album
Via: Kotaku

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