Open world and multiple player races for DA: Inquisition


Good news, Dragon Age fans: Game Informer is about to open the floodgates that have been holding 750 trillion cubic litres of Inquisition information.  This is thanks to the game being the publication’s cover feature for September. Naturally, all the nitty-gritty details are nestled within the pages of their magazine, but that hasn’t stopped them from sharing a few of the more exciting features online.

You’ll be able to pick the race of your character in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The first Dragon Age game allowed players to do this, but Dragon Age 2 forced you to play as either a male or female human character called Hawke. For lots of fans of the series, that decision kind of sucked. So then it’s all rather exciting that player races will be making a comeback in Inquisition. Naturally, depending on which race you choose (human, elf and dwarf choices have been announced so far) will dictate how you are treated by party members and NPC characters throughout the game world.

Speaking of the game world, the land of Thedas will be much more open this time around. Exploration will be encouraged thanks to little bits of world detail that might attract you from the beaten path. Furthermore, with an expanded world comes the need for mounts.

Below you can find a brief clip of what to expect out of Game Informer in the coming month. You can see some early gameplay footage as well as numerous comments from BioWare developers.

Sources: Game Informer & VG24/7