Watch as the Xbox One controller is dissected


The Xbox One controller has more than 40 design innovations over the Xbox 360 controller. For a long time now, the 360 controller has been heralded by many gamers as the most comfortable controller on the market. As such, there must have been a level of trepidation when it came to redesigning the thing for the Xbox One.

If this sort of hardware stuff interests you, or your just one to lap up as much information on Microsoft’s upcoming console, then Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has teamed up with the GM of Xbox Accessories Zulfi Alam to put together a really neat video detailing the changes on the next controller. It’s actually really interesting to hear about the reasoning behind some of the changes that were made.

In related news, Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox One controller won’t be compatible with PC just yet. Because the controller uses a new wireless protocol as well as an ordinary micro-USB to work in “wired” mode, there’s new software that needs to be written. What’s more, they need to go back and make sure that all previous games released to work on the PC with an Xbox 360 controller, will work with the new Xbox One controller as well. It will happen by 2014 apparently, but don’t expect it by launch day for Xbox One. Controller dissection video after the jump.

Source: VentureBeat
Via: Polygon