Killing Monsters in the new Witcher 3 cinematic trailer


Oh man, The Witcher 3 TOTALLY blew up my skirt at this year’s E3. For me, The Witcher 3 was the my game of the show. It’s also the game on the horizon that I’m most excited for.

During BCD sessions at E3, the team at CD Projekt Red began their presentations with a cinematic trailer entitled “Killing Monsters”. It was designed to set the tone of the game, as well as highlight Geralt of Rivia’s total bad-assery.

It wasn’t mentioned at the time, and I didn’t even really think about it, but the cinematic they showed us debuted at E3. I was under the impression that it was already out there in the wilds of the Internet, but I was totally wrong. Good thing that CD Projekt Red has just released it. It’s nestled rather comfortably after the jump. If you have a shred of excitement for this game, then you really need to watch it.