Rockstar dumps massive update on GTA V website


After this morning’s super-lame GTA V news update (thanks for nothing Nvidia), here is some good news on next month’s money printer: Rockstar has updated the official GTA V website with a ton of new screenshots and information.

Written in the guise of a travel log about Los Santos and the surrounding Blaine County, the update provides more information on the game and covers topics like local healthcare, air travel, car modifications, shopping, local commerce and even a dash of politics. There are a couple of videos hidden in there, which are designed to appear as if they’ve been put together by local Los Santo media outlets.

There are another ten categories that are labelled as “coming soon”. One in particular stands out: “Exciting Music and Entertainment”. Rockstar has remained quiet about radio stations in GTA V, so we’re still not even 100% sure they’re in the game. Rockstar has, however, confirmed that the game will feature its own soundtrack during missions, which is something new to the series. Considering how popular the radio stations have been in previous games, we’re pretty sure there’ll be information coming out about them soon. In the meantime, head over here to lose the next 20 minutes of your day ogling GTA V screenshots and reading up on what to expect in Los Santos.