Watch the Watch_Dogs: video on hacking


Ubisoft has just launched a new Gameplay Series of videos for upcoming open world hacktivist game Watch_Dogs. The five minute clip sets up the premise for how hacking can be used to control the entire city. It then goes on to explain how numerous gameplay mechanics will play out.

As it appears in Watch_Dogs, the near-future city of Chicago is run by one centralised operating system called CTOS. This system runs everything from traffic lights to wifi points and CCTV cameras. Consequently, with only one piece of operating software running the city, once you’ve hacked into it, you get to control everything. However, the CTOS system is divided into districts throughout Chicago, which means protagonist Aiden Pearce will need to install a backdoor virus into each district as he enters them for the first time. I guess it’s a similar setup to how the radio towers worked in Far Cry 3 or how the Borgia towers worked in recent Assassin’s Creed games.

Once you’ve gained control of a district, you get access to everything that’s connected to the CTOS of that area. NPCs’ cell phones work through the CTOS system, which means you’ll be able to intercept voice calls and messages, hack into people’s home CCTV and webcams, steal passwords, access bank accounts and more. Why would you want to do this? The more you hack, the more your hacking skills go up, which allows you to earn perks to unlock new skills in the branching skill menu. So hacking is kind of how you’ll gain XP, I guess.

In total there are over 75 different hacks you’ll get to use throughout the game. Many of the “hacks” are really just familiar gameplay mechanics that have been labelled as such, such as tagging enemies to keep track of them on a mini map. Still, there are plenty of really cool hacks that will make the open world a hack of a lot of fun to mess around in. (Ha! Pun LOL! I’m here all week.)

Check out all of this in action below.