Exciting new calendar for 2014, Men vs Cosplay

Men vs Cosplay is a project that was started last year by artist Anabel Martinez and costume designer Allen Amis. It was started to give male cosplayers a chance to showcase their epic work. This is understandable as when you simply type in “cosplay” into Google’s image search, 90% of the results will be what I can only call “geek porn”. I work as a photographer myself, and I must say the photography and costume design of the featured cosplayers are of the highest quality. The creation of the calendar is funded by donations generated via Kickstarter. None of the proceeds go to Anabel or Allen, but are used to fund the printing and distribution of the calendar and to reward the featured cosplayers for their outstanding work. To find out more watch the video below or visit Men vs Cosplay’s Kickstarter page.

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