Minecraft developer Markus “Notch” Persson was working on a big, open space game called 0x10c. No, we still have no idea how it’s actually pronounced; not that that matters any longer because the game has been shelved. It was originally announced back in April 2012, but a year later Notch revealed that the project was proving difficult and Mojang was battling to make the game fun.

Now, Notch has officially shelved the game and will focus on smaller projects. He added, however, that he would have no issue with anybody else at Mojang continuing the development at a later stage. Some Reddit fans have already planned to develop a game from scratch that is heavily inspired by Notch’s now cancelled 0x10c. That game has been dubbed “Project Trillek”, as revealed by website USGamer.

If this news is all too depressing for you to cope with on a Monday morning, you might want to check out a game that Notch has actually made and finished. It’s a zombie game called Shambles that he developed during the week long 7DFPS game jam. You can read more about it here; play it in your browser here or download a Windows build over here.

Source: Kotaku, IndieGames

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