According to a website that went live over the weekend only to be promptly removed and replaced with the words “cOMING SOON” (but not before it was captured by Google’s caching goblins), Ubisoft is prepping to announce something called Fighter Within for Xbox One.

The game is described as “the most immersive total-body combat experience ever made” and must be a sequel to Fighters Uncaged, the Kinect-powered brawler previously described as “an immersive total-body combat experience”, so this one is presumably better. Which can only be a good thing because with a Metacritic average of just 32, some improvement is obviously in order.

The marketing blurb also promises “real-time wounds, sweat & facial impacts, extreme arenas environments, [and] primal animations”, so if you enjoy shopping at Pick N Pay on a Saturday morning, this is the game for you.

Given the timing of the leak, we can probably expect an official reveal at Gamescom this week and a video of Geoff trying it out. This isn’t even a request, Geoff, it’s your job.

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