Preview: Infamous: Second Son

infamous second son gamescom 2013 header

Anybody who thinks lightning won’t strike the same place twice has obviously never visited Empire City or New Marais, where up until just recently lightning was striking the same place pretty much constantly. Or maybe that’s just because I decided to be the bad guy when I (Cole MacGrath in this version) got my superpowers. They say power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so I guess superpowers corrupt superabsolutely and that’s why it’s totally not my fault, Officer.

So after a bit of an incident with a Ray Field Inhibitor and the consequent destruction of both Empire City and New Marais, the hastily assembled Department of Unified Protection went into panic mode and locked down the entire country, declaring anybody with superpowers a “bioterrorist”. Me, a bioterrorist?

… Okay, maybe they kind of had a point.

Anyway, it’s been seven years since all that stuff happened, and <CAMERA PAN TO SEATTLE> Delsin Rowe is still just a regular guy who spends most of his time spray-painting walls around time until <RECORD SCRATCH> he discovers that he also has superpowers. Will he become the good guy or the bad guy, and how are questions like this even unambiguously resolved in the context of an oppressive government institution? Stay tuned.

Much like MacGrath before him, Rowe is a so-called “conduit” – a person able to channel superpowers – although unlike MacGrath, Rowe’s own superpowers is the ability to absorb other conduits’ superpowers. He starts off with the ability to  control smoke, but as things progress he’ll be adding more elemental wizardry to his arsenal (plus a mêlée chain, keepin’ it Double Dragon-real).

In the latest trailer released this week at Gamescom, we meet Abigail “Fetch” Walker, a new conduit whose superpower apparently involves a lot of neon pink razzle-dazzle. Just think, if they teamed up with a bunch of roadies they could stage a major international rock tour, although that’s probably not part of the plot, and if she ends up as a love interest instead I called it first.

The game will feature the same open world design as its predecessors, as well as the parkour mechanics for managing those daring rooftop escapes. And there will be a lot of daring rooftop escapes because it looks like the DUP has roadblocks everywhere, and when you’ve been officially designated a bioterrorist, you need to make alternative travel arrangements.

Infamous: Second Son is scheduled to launch sometime early next year and will be exclusive to PlayStation 4. In the meantime, here’s a dev diary video showing off some of the game’s interactive DualShock 4 controls, including fingerprint scanning. Fingerprint scanning?! And you thought Kinect was spying on you.