Preview: Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer

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Three months to go until launch, and Activision has tactically deployed new Call of Duty: Ghosts intel and surveillance assets to keep troops highly motivated and platoon morale on the up. That’s multiplayer info and screenshots for regular people who didn’t stay up until 1 AM this morning watching spec ops training documentaries on Netflix. Hey, I’m just getting into the zone.

The Create-A-Soldier system now features over 20,000 options to custom-build the ultimate killing machine, and a total of 35 perks have been divvied up into seven categories:

  • Speed – Booster perks including Sleight of Hand, Agility, Quickdraw, Marathon, and Stalker;
  • Handling – Reload on the run with On the Go and lob grenades further with Strong Arm;
  • Stealth – Use Takedown to execute targets without revealing their locations on the map, and Off the Grid to slink around undetected;
  • Awareness – Get your Spidey senses tingling with Recon, Sitrep, Scavenger, Awareness, and Wiretap perks;
  • Resistance – Be a bullet sponge and regenerate your hit points faster;
  • Equipment – Pack extra gear and weapon attachments;
  • Elite – New perks like Ping and Deadeye, that reveal nearby enemies and and increase your damage with consecutive kills respectively;

Strike packages are back in business, and new streak awards include:


  • Sat Com – Keep tabs on enemy movements with state-of-the-art satellite relays.
  • Guard Dog – Man’s best battle buddy has got your back. And the guy who’s trying to put a knife in it.
  • Maniac – When all else fails, send in the knife-wielding Juggernauts.


  • Night Owl – Call in a drone that marks nearby enemies and explosives for your safety and convenience.
  • MAAWS – It’s a Multi-role Anti-armor Anti-tank Weapon System, and it’s all yours.
  • Helo Scout – A sniper team in a chopper. It’s just what you never knew you’d always wanted.


  •  Stack additional perks with consecutive frags and become the even ultimater ultimate killing machine.

Seven new game modes are being added to the roster:

  • Search and Rescue – Take Search and Destroy, add player revives, and this is what you get.
  • Cranked – A variant of standard Team Deathmatch, but with an explosive hook. Scoring a frag grants you some new abilities but also starts a countdown clock. Get another kill before the timer hits zero, or… you explode.
  • Blitz – An objective-based mode where the mission is to breach the enemy’s score line while also defending your own. It’s Capture the Flag, without the flags because when you think about it, running through a war zone with a massive flag probably isn’t a good idea.
  • SquadsCall of Duty: Ghosts introduces a whole new squad-based multiplayer section for teams of up to six players, featuring four competitive and cooperate modes: Squad vs Squad, Squad Assault, Wargame, and Safeguard.

Game’s out on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U on 5 November, and PS4 on 29 November, and Xbox One on an unconfirmed date.