Set heroes and single-player for Fable Legends


Fable Legends, announced during Microsoft’s Gamescom press event, is set hundreds of years before the first game. It’s also being designed with both feet very firmly planted in the multiplayer side of things. Four-player co-op is the focus, with a fifth player taking on the role of a villain via SmartGlass integration. It sounds really interesting and that reveal trailer certainly was rather lovely, wasn’t it?

The inevitable game comparisons arose when Microsoft unveiled Lionhead’s new baby. When people hear “four-player co-op” the go-to title of reference is Borderlands. It turns out that Fable Legends will be taking a leaf out of Gearbox’s book when it comes to characters.

You won’t be designing your own characters like you did in previous Fable games. Instead, you’ll have a selection of pre-defined characters to choose from, each with their own unique skill sets, personalities and voices. From the sounds of things you will be able to do some basic cosmetic customisation however (think beards, hair styles etc). There will also be more to choose from than the four heroes that made an appearance in the game’s debut trailer.

Single-player has also been confirmed, however you won’t be questing on your own. The game is designed for a party of four heroes, which means that missing human players will be covered by AI companions. Therefore, you could play the game as a single-player experience with no problem; you’ll just have three AI companions in your party. Two-player co-op? No problem, your party will just be completed by two AI characters.

Source: Joystiq