Shadow Warrior reboot gets new trailer and my attention


In May this year, Flying Wild Hog revealed a reboot for ‘90s cult classic FPS Shadow Warrior. The original was very tongue-in-cheek and crammed with gore and dodgy sexual innuendos. It was hilarious.

When Flying Wild Hog began showing sneaky glimpses of what they were up to, I got a little uneasy. Sure, the game looks very pretty, but it also looked as if the tone had changed quite a bit. It appeared as if they were shooting for realism with a dash of the Japanese super-natural. But, the initial teaser trailer and accompanying press releases were devoid of any mention of the franchise’s trademark humour.

There’s a new trailer for the game (and some new screenshots) and I’m thrilled to see that the humour seems to be there for the most part. The gore is definitely there, with loads of decapitations, dismemberments and fountains of blood. The game is out on PC as a digital download on 26 September 2013. You’ll be able to pick it up on Steam, the Humble Store, and Get Games. Hit the jump for the trailer and rejoice, Shadow Warrior fans: this is starting to look really good. Oh, and mind out for the NSFW language at one point. Yep, having to prefix a trailer with a NSFW language warning is a sure sign that Wang and Shadow Warrior are back!