New Destiny dev diary sends you out into the wild


Yesterday, Tarryn posted a ton of new screenshots and information on Bungie’s upcoming massively- single-player-sometimes-multiplayer-online-first-person-shooter, Destiny. Also, I’m hereby coining a new game genre: the MSPSMOFPS, which I decree will be pronounced as “mis-pis-mo-fips”. It’s going to be huge; I’ll print T-shirts for rAge (not really).

Seeing as we’re on the interwebs right this moment, we may as well make use of all its new-fangled technology and add to yesterday’s text-and-static-pictures by sharing this new developer diary. It has moving pictures, with sounds and actual speaking. Snazzy, isn’t it?

This latest dev diary focuses on the world that Bungie has created. The team at Bungie wants a massive game world that entices the player to explore it either on their own or with friends. To that end, this diary also touches on some of the drop-in and drop-out multiplayer features and how the whole multiplayer portion will blend seamlessly with the single-player experience. I’ve got to admit, I’m getting ridiculously excited for this game.

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